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About Patrick Official Documents Canon Law Juris Criminalis Executive Summary

History of Canon Law - An Overview

Period I: Council of Jerusalem to Gratian, 1140 AD
IA. Patristic Period (cen. I-VII)
Council of Jerusalem 30 AD     Paul of Tarsus
Didache 60 AD
Council of Elvira, 309 AD
Council of Ancyra 314 AD
Benedict of Nursia 529 AD
Emperor Justinian 530 AD
IB. Carolingian Period (cen VIII-IX)
Council of Toledo 693 AD
Council of Paris 829 AD
Council of Trosly 909 AD
IC.  Gregorian Reform (cen X - XII)
Cluniac Reform
Leo IX, 1048-1054 AD
Peter Damian, 1007-1072 AD,  Liber Gomorrhianus
Council of Reims 1049 AD
Period II: 1140 - 1234
Gratian collections
Mendicant Orders
St. Dominic 1170-1221
St. Francis   1181- 1226
Decretals of Gregory IX
Period III: 1234-1348
Papacy in Avignon
Period IV: 1348-1563
Post Classical Period
Council of Basile 1449 
Period V: 1563-1789
Council of Trent
Benedict XIV: 1740-
French Revolution: July 14, 1789 AD
Period VI: 1789-1917
Napoleon Bonaparte
Vatican Council I:  1870-1871
1917 Codex Iuris Canonici
Period VII: 1917- present
1922: Crimen Sollicitationis
John XXIII Second Vatican Council 1958-1965
1962: Crimen Sollicitationis
1978-2005 John Paul II:  roman re-centralization
1983 Codex Iuris Canonci
2001 Graviora Delicta
Crucial Documents by Period
Period I
IA.    Acts of the Apostles, chapter 15
Didache 60 AD
Council of Elvira 309 AD
Letter 17 & 18 of St. Augustine; LCL 239, 401 AD
Digest of Justinian; Vol. IV, 529 AD
Extraordinary Crimes
IB.  Regionis abbatis Prumiensis: libri duo de synodalibus causis
      et disciplinis ecclesiasticis; 1008, Bernard of Worms
IC.  Liber Gomorrhianus; 1051, Peter Damian
Period II
Corpus Iuris Canonici
IIa.    Decree of Gratian (1140)
-C. 8, D. XXVII
-c. 2, 8, 9, D. XXVIII
-c. 6, 10, 11, 13, D. XXXII
-c. 7, D. XXXIII
-c. 16-19, 29, 30, D. LXXXII
-C. 9, D. XXVIII
-c. 6, 28, C. XXVII, q. 1
-c. , 10, 33, 34, 52, D. L.
-c. 6, 10-13, 15, 22, D. LXXXI
-c. 5, D. LXXXII
-c. 43, 44,C. II, q. 7
-c. 2, C. XV, q. 8
-c. 6, 28, C. XXVII, q. 1
-c. 8-10, C. XXX, q. 1
Period III
IV Lateran Council: 1215
Canon 14
IIIb.  Decretals of Gregory IX (1234)
-c. 3-8, 10, X. de cohabitatione clericorum et mulierum, III, 2
-c. 13, X. de vita et honestate clericorum, III, 1
-c. 5, X. de adulteriis et stupro, V, 16.
-c. 4, 9, X, de excessibus praelatorum et subditorum, V, 31
-c. 15, X, de purgatione canonica, V, 34
-c. 17, X, de temporibus ordinationum et qualitate ordinandorum, I, 11
Period IV
Cum Primum, Fontes, Vol. I; 1561,  Pius V
Period V
Council of Trent, 1227 c.8, confessors guilty of solicitation in the confessional loose office and shall be excommunicated.
Constituti Horrendum, Fontes; 30 August 1568, Pius V
Constituti Romanus Pontifex, Fontes; 14 October 1568, Pius V
Constituti Universi, Fontes; 30 August 1622, Gregory XV
Lavellana seu Romana, Curia Roman, S.C.C. Fontes; 8 June and 6 July 1726
Sacramentum Poenitentiae: 1 June 1741, Benedict XIV
Etsi Pastoralis, Fontes; 1742, Benedict XIV
Apostolici Muneris, Fontes; 8 February 1745,
Contra Sollicitances, et sacrificio missae abutentes ad sortilegia, Benedict XIV, August 1745 (sollicitatio ad turpia)
Period VI
Instructi Santa Offici, 20 February 1866, nn 9-16, Fontes vol. IV
Constituti, Excommunicationes latae Sententiae Episcopis sive ordinariis Reservatae; 12 October 1869, Pius IX,  Fontes vol. III, references Gregory XV 1622 constitution and 1741 Sacra Ponens of Benedict XIV. Curia Romana, Instructio Sacra Congregationis Sacro Offici; 20 July 1890 Instructio, 1897.
Period VII
Codex Iuris Canonici; 15 September 1917, Benedict XV
Acta Apostolica Sedis; 1917 - present
Crimen Sollicitationis; 1922
Codex Iuris Canonici Fontes; 1926-1939
Crimen Sollicitationis; 1962
Declaration on Sexual Ethics; CDF, 29 December 1975
Codex Iuris Canonici; 25 January 1983, John Paul II
Codex Iuris Orientalis; 1990, John Paul II
Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela; 30 April 2001, John Paul II
De Delictis Gravioribus; 18 May 2001, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Doveri E Diriti Implicati Nei Casi Di Abusi Sessuali Perpetrati Da Chierici; Gianfranco Ghirlanda S.J, 18 May 2002
Questioni circa La Signatura Apostolica e la Giustizia Amministrativa, 2004, Monsignor Charles J. Scicluna

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