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October 5, 2005

Sexual activity, including abuse of minors, within a ministry that professes celibacy has a long-standing history.

The clerical system, in some cases, produces, fosters, protects, and defends priests and bishops who abuse minors.

The power of the Catholic Church rests on the presumption of the sexual purity of its ministers. This is unique among Christian churches.

The current crisis in the Catholic Church serves to break through denial about the celibate violations of priests and bishops.

The current crisis of the Catholic Church is epic and dire specifically because the power of the entire institution is threatened. A large group of the faithful is indignant and angry at what they experience as betrayal. Clerical sexual hypocrisy has fatally compromised authority and credibility.

Questions about sex and celibacy are the unfinished business of Christian theology and moral practice.

The celibate myth can only be resolved by open, unrestricted dialogue. That discussion forms the core of a fundamental reformation of an institution.

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